Buave Guede Feast Day AKA Saint Gerard

Orionne François

Buave Gude celebrates his birthday November 2nd of each year.  Guede is a very popular spirit due to his one of a kind character and personality.  He is well known as a very prestigious and direct spirit.  He is well know as a big ntertainer, he loves to sing, dance and most of all wines.  He loves to wine while holding a cane and enjoys humping to women as his wives one dance partners.  He is also know as a very provocative and verbal character.  His colors are purple, black and white.  He is a spirit from the cemetery and part of Baron and others there.  He appears as superstars and   celeberties as wells as thugs in dreams.  He gives the most accurate spiritual reading due to his being outspoken and fearless character.  People usually find him being a "big mouth", "snitch" and "brave" hen he tells the truth and the whole truth specially when he tells on and about them. 

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