About us

Ti Jean Au Naturel, Inc. has been owned and operated in Miami by Founa since July 24, 2013. Founa’s vision is to empower the hopeless to explore their spirituality for healing, guidance and improved ability to manage life obstacles. It is the mission of Ti Jean Au Naturel to provide a safe place for others to develop their highest potential of spiritual enlightenment through guidance, education and practice.


Founa was born with a spiritual gift that allows her to explore the past, present, and future of others and has spent much of her life gaining spiritual knowledge in healing with the use of natural herbs and products of the earth, that she herself plants organically. She has used her knowledge and spiritual connectivity to overcome a myriad of spiritual obstacles in her life and to become the “Highest Level Medium” she is today.


Founa began her journey towards Ti Jean Au Naturel, Inc. in 2005 as she used her newfound connection to help guide friends and family with spiritual advice, healing, and readings, and now it had grown out of Florida. She was inspired by the ways she learned, that she could empower others to become the knowledgeable and spiritually connected beings as she had done for herself. She has developed strong spiritual relationships with her clients throughout their years of service that have resulted in them becoming her spiritual children. Fauna and the Ti Jean Au Naturel team are striving to make it a legacy for them and others to come.